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A Sock and A Sale

Posted by mobarger on Feb-22-2014

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The sock I started during the Super Bowl? I finally finished it today. A couple of brain farts really got in my way: stupid short row heels and reading patterns. The pattern approaches the heel in a different way. Also my brain was convinced that SSK = K2Tog. This rarely turns out well. Did it turn out well this time? Pretty much, but now I am dealing with too tight of an EZ sewn bind-off and trying to make the cuff looser.

Meanwhile to distract you I will tell you of 2 sales of which I recently partook. I had no business buying yarn, but Craftsy is having a sale on TML. For $15.36 you can get a skein. I have to tell you I have been coveting the Stephen West colorway for a while and I may have bought one two three.

Another sale is at Interweave Knits — on books this time. Their shipping can be a little high but if you use code WEAVE15 you will get 15% off. Like me. *sigh. I found some knitting books I have been looking at for a while and they were less than $4. But here’s the thing – they have stuff from all of their fibery crafts on sale and that code still works. Just saying.

A Tale of Two Freias

Posted by mobarger on Feb-15-2014

Have you seen Freia Yarns yet? Ombré yarns in a variety of weights and colors, eye-catching and beautiful!
Here is a picture from my stash:

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A lot of patterns are out there that take advantage of this color-changing yarn and I recently tried two of them.

You saw the last Wurm hat I made, right? It was made from a variegated Manos I had on hand. But I had to try it in Freia.

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I thought the yardage in the one ball I had would be too short for the hat, so the inside of the brim is actually a lavender yarn I had on hand in about the same gauge. I thought it would make me go further and it did, but I think if you were to use one ball of sport and just start it, you would have enough yarn as I had a nice amount left.

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I do love the way the colors transition. It is a little pastel-y for me but this has been a LONG winter and the colors make me think that spring is not far away. That is my mantra – spring is not far away, spring is not far away …

Another Freia project I took on was Laura Nelkin’s Cambio cowl. The pictures I saw of it were so beautiful and vivid. And cowls are so fun to knit up and wear.

[flickr id="12390355363" thumbnail="medium_640" overlay="true" size="large" group="freia" align="center"]

I tried. I really tried. I started this knit several times, and in the middle of it all even wripped it all back, rewound the ball of Freia that came with the kit so I would start at the other end, and another color. But I just couldn’t make it look good. And granted in this picture it is obvious I did not hem the cowl yet, it is just very light and flimsy and doesn’t seem like it would stand up. I haven’t woven in the ends yet so I may frog it all once more and try again, but after having knit it so many times already, I am not sure this will happen any time soon.

There are lots of other clever patterns out there that use this yarn. I think you should look for it and play and make a tale of your own!

Meanwhile to prove my mantra (spring is not far away), I got my first egg of the year the other day.

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There hasn’t been another since, but I still hold out hope. Spring is not far away…

Imports and Inspiration

Posted by mobarger on Jan-19-2014

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A few weeks ago I broke down and bought some Wollmeise grab bags. What is it about the element of surprise that excites me so? I am a sucker for grab bags from anywhere.

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This color would be called Taube but I guess it is not up to par. I love it. I haven’t seen many Wollmeise skeins that are so saturated but so muted at the same time.

[flickr id="12034761686" thumbnail="medium_640" overlay="true" size="large" group="iandi" align="none"]
Kind of like this female cardinal at the newly-remounted window feeder, right?

Meanwhile I was looking for inspiration for patterns for this new yarn. Have you checked out “Pure/Twin – SHOW YOUR FOs!” discussion in the wollmeiseholics anonymous group on Ravelry? A lot of people are creating some *gorgeous* things. I may have added several to my queue just this morning – I am only up to 1357 items there. What’s a few more?