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One Big Sock

Posted by mobarger on Sep-14-2014

Check out this Freia sock yarn:

It’s from Knitwhits and weighs in at about 215 yards per ball. This is the Fuschia colorway.

I wanted to use every inch of this yarn and I kept knitting and knitting until I knit the longest sock I have ever knit. And I still didn’t finish the ball, leaving a lot of pink unused which I added to my mini-skein pile.

View of cable
It’s a simple toe-up (I used Wendy’s pattern) with a mock cable along the side. At 6″ I started increasing 2 stitches every 6 rounds for some calf shaping. The heel method used in this pattern works really well — much better than a short row — to keep the color flow going.

The resulting sock is …um … a foot long. I’ll be starting the second soon, I promise.

I have similar yarn from another vendor (FishKnits) that comes in a longer skein of 440 yards and is 70% Merino/30% Silk. This one is destined to a long shawl to show off that color change the best.

More Freia
I have more Freia too (Color: grapevine). They came to me wound in opposite ways (I bought them at separate times). I’m thinking of knitting them as is for a reverse look in the pair of resulting socks. What do you think?

Technical Difficulties

Posted by mobarger on Aug-16-2014

Apparently my favorite Flickr-Wordpress plugin is no longer supported, and with a change in Flickr’s API (they now require SSL) my image links will be forever broken with posts previous to this one. Sigh.
I’m switching up the way images are linked so hopefully going forward, this won’t be an issue again.

A Sock and A Sale

Posted by mobarger on Feb-22-2014

[flickr id="12698659793" thumbnail="medium_640" overlay="true" size="large" group="sas" align="center"]
The sock I started during the Super Bowl? I finally finished it today. A couple of brain farts really got in my way: stupid short row heels and reading patterns. The pattern approaches the heel in a different way. Also my brain was convinced that SSK = K2Tog. This rarely turns out well. Did it turn out well this time? Pretty much, but now I am dealing with too tight of an EZ sewn bind-off and trying to make the cuff looser.

Meanwhile to distract you I will tell you of 2 sales of which I recently partook. I had no business buying yarn, but Craftsy is having a sale on TML. For $15.36 you can get a skein. I have to tell you I have been coveting the Stephen West colorway for a while and I may have bought one two three.

Another sale is at Interweave Knits — on books this time. Their shipping can be a little high but if you use code WEAVE15 you will get 15% off. Like me. *sigh. I found some knitting books I have been looking at for a while and they were less than $4. But here’s the thing – they have stuff from all of their fibery crafts on sale and that code still works. Just saying.