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What? More Yarn?

Posted by mobarger on Jun-23-2007

Afraid so. I think I discovered this shop via eBay – I was searching for something, clicked something else which brought me to another place and finally to a website that had this wonderful self-striping yarn. So I subscribed to the Esty shop’s RSS feed and waited for new stuff. And it came. And I bought.

The vendor is Twisted Fiber Art and here is her Etsy shop.

Check out the packaging. Cute!

I bought a skein of Kabam! which is bamboo,merino and nylon in the colorway Batty. I also got a skein of Duchess, 100% merino in Octarine. And THEN she threw in an EXTRA skein of Shiny yarn in the Netherfield colorway. There is no yardage on the skein and I don’t think it is enough for a pair of socks by itself, but it is very pretty. Thank you!