or what I do when I am not working or farming …


Posted by mobarger on Aug-11-2007

I have been on vacation this week and spent a little time redoing some back end things of this blog, and getting a head start on redesigning the farm blog. Speaking of the farm blog, when I reorganized here, I made it so you can see latest posts from the farm blog too. I would add posts from my work blog (after all, knitting is what I do when I am not working or farming) but that would truly be boring. And who needs boring?

On the knitting front, however, things are boring. I have the sock that will never end, my Sockdown River Rapids, and am also working on the Montego Bay scarf (Summer 2007 Interweave Knits) using Handmaiden Seasilk. I think I was sleeping when I ordered this yarn (color Woodland) because it is unlike anything I would have chosen if I were awake. It looks nice though, and the feel of the silk is TDF. I am not smelling the sea in the silk though as much as everyone has talked about. If you want a smelly yarn, try the Dream in Color. I don’t know what it is about this yarn but it has a soothing and soap-like scent that envelops my knitting spot and is just … well dreamy. At first I thought the yarn had somehow soaked up the smell of some Soak Wash samples that were included in my Loopy Groupy Bag but I don’t think that’s the case. I think this yarn just comes scented!