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Yarn, swaps and etsy

Posted by mobarger on Sep-25-2007

I recently joined a Halloween swap. I have had a lot of fun picking out items for her, but the one item I wanted to share with you was this yarn. This is from See Jayne Knit and the color is Smashing Pumpkins. Isn’t it great?

I also picked up a skein for myself. This is Hand Painted Superwash BFL Fingering — Couples Skate At The Stardust. I think it glows!

I joined another sock club too. I don’t know why! I think I may have a problem. I joined the Zen String club – just yarn, no patterns. But the yarn! This color is called “Relaxation,” and in the accompanying letter, we are advised to knit a simple sock or scarf … “simply for the pure pleasure of what your hands and a few simple tools can create.” That’s a good idea – but this yarn is telling me to knit Monkeys.

Besides an obvious addiction to sock yarn and sock clubs, I occasionally cruise Have you ever hung out on the front page and watch the new items being added right before your eyes? If you are having a tough day at work, please take a walk first and then watch the front page for 5 minutes to watch the additions.

One of my favorite vendors is Twisted Fiber Arts. Here is Sherwood Shiny Hand-Dyed Self-Striping Sock Yarn, a merino/tencel fingering. I don’t typically like variegated as much as others but this one was different. This one spoke to me 😉

She also had a Ravelry-inspired yarn. It’s a self-striping merino. Meg describes it as “my ode to the best online knitting community I know of! I took the colors straight from the website: shades of sassy pinks and a green that makes you happy to be alive (and knitting) divided by classic black. Twenty percent of the purchase price goes to support the Ravelry site.” If you have not checked out Ravelry yet you should. Sure the wait list is long but I think it will really change the way you look at your stash and organize your project queue. There are forums there unlike other knitting forums, but what it does best is take advantage of already-existing tools like Flickr, LibraryThing, and the whole tagging concept to create a social online experience. Yeah that was a little spew-y, but really, just go there and check it out.

And speaking of Etsy and all, I decided to give it a shot. I have some cute stitch markers up there because besides yarns I am also infatuated with beads. The items are on the left sidebar. Once I take some good pictures of recent soaps, I hope to put some in the shop too.