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SOS08 Progress

Posted by mobarger on Jul-31-2008

In the Tour de Fleece, everyone joked about the maillot jaune, or coming in last place. If there was an award like that in Summer of Socks 08, I would win. Lose? Whatever.

SOS08 first sock
So far, I have finished one of Wendyknits’ Summer Socks, done in DIC Smooshy. I had the same color in my stash as she used in her pattern. The cuff is a little tight but the fit overall is good.

Nanner sock
Next up, a single Nanner sock, also by Wendyknits. The yarn is STR Silkie in the Pondscum color. I love these this sock. I will get to #2 soon!

Special Loopy pattern, Berocco yarn
Sock #3 is the second sock from one I did back in May. It is a Loopy Ewe sock club pattern made from some Berocco Comfort sock a recent swap partner sent to me. These socks will be for my MIL. I initially started them for Mother’s Day and will now be ready to gift them for her birthday! I hope!