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All About Chickens

Posted by mobarger on Jan-9-2009

You may have guessed it if you read my farm blog, but I think about chickens a lot. A lot. So much I think it has affected by buying habits.
For example, over the holidays I did a little shopping.
Spring Chicken yarn

Here is some lovely merino yarn from and it is as soft and squishy as it looks. She’s a fast shipper and has lots of nice yarn. I think these will make up some quick socks for me.

Offhand Designs bag 'Chicks in a Row '

Did you know Offhand Designs was having a fundraiser? All purchases benefit the Alameda food bank. This is a Stella Bella bag, something out of character for me but it’s cute and I think it will make a great project bag. And the pattern? It’s called “Chicks In a Row.”

Rubber Boots

And these boots from PiperLime complete with little chickens (they called them Fat Birds, but to me they are chickens). I won’t be wearing them until spring but I have a feeling the real chickens (and turkeys!) will really get a kick out of them.

Pile of scarves

These scarves have nothing to do with chickens. I finished up some Christmas knitting and will be sending these out. They are in Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, a yarn I have always wanted to try. Guess I got that out of my system.

I still have 2 socks to finish up and I will be done with Christmas 2008. Does anyone ever finish Christmas knitting by Christmas?

Noro scarf 292 & 8

Especially when Noro can be *so* distracting!