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Warm Ewe Up Winter Yarn Swap

Posted by mobarger on Jan-28-2009

The whole package 
I am in a secret swap on Ravelry and my first package arrived yesterday! And let me tell you, it was the highlight of an otherwise pretty crummy day. Look at that loot! Yarn, chocolate, coffee from Trader Joe’s (when will they come to upstate NY I wonder!), cough drops, Emergenc-C and echinacea tea, lushish smyrna figs …
Mmade From Scratch book 
and this great book, “Made From Scratch,” by Jenna Woginrich. My secret pal wrote “I suspect you could have written this book, but it reminded me of you and your lifestyle so I though you might like it.” If you want to check out more of the book, the author has a website that is now in my bookmarks!
Schaefer Anne 
And yay! Schaefer yarn!

Thank you secret pal!