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W.T.F. Swap received!

Posted by mobarger on Feb-11-2009

I received my package from my “Winter of Trading Favorites” swap last week and have been slow to post about it! Just a quick question: when did UPS stop leaving notes that they delivered something? The box was tucked in a ditch of snow at the bottom of the driveway, and the only way I knew it had been delivered was that I had the tracking number to reference. They used to leave a note at the mailbox. This has happened a few times now. Annoying.

Anyway, on to the swap!
W.T.F. Swap
Here’s the whole package: 2 skeins of yarn, hot chocolate, a box of chocolates from Olympia Candy Kitchen in PA, 2 little chickies, a birds nest candle holder, a “Winter” scented candle, and a bar of soap!

W.T.F. Swap Yarn
This skein is a Kraemer Yarn “Jeannie” base that my partner dyed himself with indigo!

W.T.F. Swap Yarn
And this skein is a Kraemer Yarn “Eileen” base that my partner dyed himself with hibiscus and coffee! Mmmm coffee. It smells like coffee.

Thank you to Dave in Pennsylvania! This is a great package and I love that you took the time to dye the yarn yourself :)

Ironically, the colors of these yarns are my high school colors. I have recently connected with people I graduate with at high school on Facebook. It’s quite an adventure. I love seeing how everyone has spread out and found their ways but I am realizing that I have forgotten quite a bit about my childhood. Time to break out the yearbooks to match names with faces! Anyone else have this problem?