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Seeing Green

Posted by mobarger on Mar-9-2009
Seeing Green

Seems I had green on the brain when I ordered yarn this day. This is my first order from Eat.Sleep.Knit. And I have to tell you, they are great. There is nothing like a store who rewards you for loyalty, although it typically makes me spend a little more.

Eat.Sleep.Knit club

ESK’s take on it is the Yarnathon. Yardage of yarn you buy is added up and rewards are given at certain milestones. With every order they include a scratch-off card where you can win other prizes. I got $5 off!

TLE Sock Club Feb 2009

The Loopy Ewe will always be my first stop though. And their sock club is amazing. TLE has an amazing selection and a rabid fan base. They reward customers based on how much money us spent, and $25 credit is granted for each $250 spent. And their website – especially as a custom app – is out of this world.

So I have added links to both stores to the blog. They will reward you with customer perks and great yarn.