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A Truckload

Posted by mobarger on Nov-16-2009

So did you catch the Patons Classic Wool sale at Michael’s last week? $2.50 for over 200 yards of 100% wool. I might have bought some. I would have bought more if that woman there 5 minutes before me hadn’t filled her own truck basket. And yes, it is in the back of my truck. Not like I bought a truckload of yarn, but I could move my truck to catch good light, and to stay out of the way of the turkeys.

Helpful Nell
MMMyeah – I was wrong. It took Nell about 2 minutes to hop in and er, “help.” That little stuffed turkey was in the bargain bins. I might have bought them all. I love it, but Nell is not too sure.

Helpful Nell
I am not sure what she is looking for either. First one way …

Helpful Nell
Then the next …

Murphy gently pulled at my pant leg the whole time. When I would look down at him he would quickly look away, like here. If he had lips I am sure he would whistle too.

How to keep turkeys busy
At least I kept one turkey distracted.

Well Christmas is coming and I have plenty of supplies! And if turkeys had thumbs I would have a mighty workforce too!