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Getting Started With Lace

Posted by mobarger on Nov-29-2009

I began a lace project a week or so ago, and it’s my first. It is a simple beaded scarf, Kernel from Knitty, with a 15 row repeat repeated 26 times. Here are some steps I have taken to ensure the lace I knit is the lace that’s writ:

Morning Knit early in the morning, and knit alone. Conversation will keep me from counting. Being tired at the end of day will trip me up.

I think the picture speaks for itself.

Kernel scarf with 000 The scarf itself is being knit on bamboo straights I bought at Target for $1 some time ago. but in the foreground is a 000 DPN for when I do screw up (about every 4 rows). Very handy.

Also always have on hand a simple project, not only for night time knitting (see my first suggestion) but also to cleanse your brain from all the twisty bits and numbers that a lace pattern requires. I currently have a simple sock and an infinity scarf to fill that task.

Kernel scarf
Pattern details:
Kernel from Knitty
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Yarn Mini Maiden “Amethyst”