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Photo Assistants

Posted by mobarger on Nov-2-2009

Hazel Knits Oct 2009 shipment

Yesterday, I took advantage of the nice fall day to take some stash pictures. This skein is from Hazel Knits October Sock Club (I know, another sock club!) and the colorway is “Cascade Canopy.” It’s so pretty. The green just glows.

Hazel Knits Oct 2009 shipment

Here is the other skein. This color is “Path To The Peaks.” The wind blew that bottom leaf right on top of the yarn just as I snapped, I thought it was perfect.

Group of chickens

I quickly had an audience!

Can we eat yarn?

No one was sure what I was doing, or more importantly, if it involved food.

Is it food?

Everyone had to take a look.

Murph and everyone

Even Murphy, and he’s an old pro.