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Shy with a side of turkey

Posted by mobarger on Dec-2-2009

Every Way Wrap
You might recall I mentioned in this post that I would have to enlist DH in taking pictures of the Every Way Wrap. The other day was quite sunny and nice and DH was home, so I grabbed him and my wrap and had some pictures done.

Every Way Wrap
I tried to remember all the ways I could arrange the wrap but I really couldn’t recall all of them!

Every Way Wrap
I was quickly surrounded by curious onlookers who cut the shoot short! I’ll have to keep referring back to the IK page to learn all the ways to wear this wrap.

Pattern: Every Way Wrap, Okmin Park, Interweave Knits Fall 2009
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill potluck worsted

P.S. I hate having my picture taken!