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Rhinebeck 2010

Posted by mobarger on Oct-17-2010

The Colors and the crowd

Once again, I joined friend Mary on a trip down to Rhinbeck this year. I could have sworn that last time we went it was 2008, but she reminded me it was 2009. She was right. How could I forget? This year, Mary’s neighbor Julie joined us, and the crowds seemed bigger and the trees seemed oranger.


This year our focus was patterns. I couldn’t keep my eyes off hats like the Hexed pictured here, as well as other Knitty hats like this and this. And shawls like this.
For Mary, the focus was baby. She has a new grandson and wants to knit him a sweater. Julie already had patterns, she just wanted yarn!


So many things to see! At Rhinebeck you can buy anything from fiber to yarn, tools and toys of the trade, and finished products.

And fiber-related critters of all sorts. I didn’t see any rabbits this year but I know they were there. Also we did not catch any of the breed judging. It’s hard to see everything in just one day!

We did manage to see a lot though! And chat and snack and enjoy a great fall day, just like the million other people who did at the Festival yesterday! No doubt the crowds will be just as big – or bigger – today as the weather and the foliage is holding up nicely.

If you manage to go, and I encourage you to go if you are interested in fiber arts or animals, here are a few tips I learned this year:

  1. Don’t stress the traffic. You’ll move soon.
  2. Bring food! Not only will you save time by eating your own lunch instead of waiting on line, you will have something to do while waiting for traffic! We had quite a spread between the three of us.
  3. Planning out your stops is good but not always necessary unless you know the item you want is sure to sell out quickly. Better to go with the flow.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. The weather changes throughout the fairgrounds!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they are wearing. We all love to talk about our handknits etc don’t we?
  6. And finally, bags of yarn make wonderful pillows. I think I slept 2 out of 4 hours on the way home as Mary and Julie chatted in the front seat. Comfy!

Next up, what I bought (but don’t tell my husband!). You can view all of the pictures I took in my Flickr photostream.