or what I do when I am not working or farming …

No really, I have been knitting!

Posted by mobarger on Apr-16-2011

Pear blossom,debbie o'neill And a lot of frogging too! Just not posting about it! Here are Pear Blossom Socks, Superwash Kraemer Base, (yarn came from here) dyed with coffee. Pattern. A bit tight though :(

Olympic hat Olympic Hat, one gifted to my cousin, another to my husband. Yarn Ella Rae. Pattern

Winnow, janice kang Winnow in Wollmeise. Sadly only one completed so far. Pattern

IMAG0732 A funky beret in Plymouth Yarn Trabajos Del Peru. Pattern

My kind of town cowlMy kind of town cowl in a lovely teal Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande. It may not look like much here but it was comfy and cozy during our very cold winter. Pattern.

Also 2 scarves in Classic Elite Firefly — one gifted and not photographed and the other I cannot find in Flickr. And manymanymany socks that I ended up ripping out. Many.

If anyone can remember how to grab the Ravelry button for projects can you remind me how? I seem to have forgotten. Thanks!