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Just in time

Posted by mobarger on Jun-15-2011

Hypnosis sock
Just in time to start Camp Loopy, I finished the sock I was working on. Yes, singular sock, I still have to knit the other one. This might be the longest time I have ever spent making a single sock.

Hypnosis sock
The chart for this sock is 42 rows. I had to start and restart the sock a couple times, and once I got to the heel I almost started over once again. But I managed to be able to rip back a few rows and pick up again. If I would change one thing it would be the cuff. It’s in pattern and I should have used one size larger needles but it’s ok.

Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Ty_dy socks color 1739
Pattern: Hypnosis Sock from “The Eclectic Sole”

Now on to Camp Loopy!