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Catkin Progress

Posted by mobarger on Jul-2-2011

Back in my Camp Loopy post, I showed you the String Theory yarn I purchased to make Catkin. Here is how it looked a few days later.

Catkin Take 1
It was not working for me. At all. The yarn was not as variegated as I thought, just a plain navy and a plain greenish greige. Boring. So I frogged it right down to its first slipknot.

Sanguine Gryphon Alocatron
Enter Skinny Bugga, colorway Alocatron. It transitions from brown to blue to green to gray so subtly. Now this is a yarn I can work with! The rules for CL say that we can sub one of the colors, thankfully.

Here is Catkin today. I am just about to start Section 2. I kept the Carrina color (greige) as the alternate. I have until July 15 to finish! Wish me luck!