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I Love Samples

Posted by mobarger on Jun-17-2012

(Note: this post is not about knitting, but at least it lets you know I am alive) :)

Because of this post on Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog, I signed up for BirchBox. They send you samples each month! Hey, I like samples! I do not have the attention span to buy anything in quantity except olive oil. And wine.
The box actually contains full-sized and samples of higher end cosmetics that I would never think to try. It starts at $10/month and goes down from there for each month you buy. BB has an active blog and send you an e-mail at least once a week with a tip and/or sale on their site. They also have an online store where you can buy the full-sized products, sometimes at a discount.
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This month’s selection (its theme was summer travel) included:

  • Stila One Step bronze (not something I would try but hey, why not?)
  • theBalm Stainiac Lip Stain
  • Bar of Borghese soap
  • Plastic zip lock bag for getting through airport security (some boxes contained a hairband instead!)
  • Sample packs of La Fresh oil-free facial cleansing sheets
  • Coupon to

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For comparison, here is last month’s. Its theme was based on a TV show i don’t watch, “Gossip Girl.”

  • Full-size anti-aging cream (I use this almost every day; however I am still old)
  • Tangerine nail polish
  • Tube of tinted body moisturizer (I didn’t realize it was tinted at first. I crossed my legs at the dr’s office when I first realized it because there was a spot on my leg where I missed)
  • Foil samples of Keratin shampoo (not something for me because my hair is straighter than Mitt Romney, but it smells nice)

So $10/month (which includes shipping) for full size and high-end samples of products. Yeah, I’ll buy that!

When I mentioned Birchbox on Facebook last month, friend Beth asked, “But have you heard of Conscious Box?” Why no, Beth, I hadn’t. From its website, Conscious Box is a “monthly delivery of pure and sustainable products that are handpicked from businesses that care for the planet—just like you.” Hmm sustainable samples? OK, I’ll bite! (But please, CB, reconsider your copy. Your tag line doesn’t read so well.)
ConsciousBox is different from BirchBox in a few ways. First, they have no storefront. So if you find a product you like, you are on your own to find it. Secondly, while BB is all cosmetics, CB can be anything, as long as it is considered “pure” and “sustainable.” This includes bath and beauty products, food, supplements and apparently energy drinks. CB starts at $12/month (discounts if you buy more than one month) but its membership does not include shipping. It’s a heavy box! But be advised when you sign up that shipping will be added on top of membership price.

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This month’s shipment, “Leap Into Summer,” came in a larger recycled cardboard box with a peekaboo window. Even the tissue is the telltale ‘Recyclable Brown.’ They encourage you to re-use your box as a planter or for keepsakes. And the box is jam-packed. But CB has no blog to go into detail about the products you receive, and with the exception of the shipping notice, you do not receive any e-mail from them.

[flickr id=”7176956293″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”samples” align=”none”]

  • Post card to send to your friends!
  • Vita Rocks – like Pop Rocks! But good for you! (I wonder what happens when you eat them with soda?)
  • Vega One nutritional shake
  • Mighty Leaf tea – 2 bags (I got one of my faves, Org, Earl Gray)
  • Kelp Krunch bar- seaweed energy bar. Not green like I thought but mostly millet with kelp bits mixed in.
  • Lara Bar – does anyone NOT like these? I think not.
  • Natural Deodorant bar – packed in a lip balm tube! Don’t make the mistake I did! Their packaging does state “It’s a pit balm!” but who reads labels when one thinks they have a tasty lip balm in their mitt?
  • E-Boost – a 5-hour energy bottle but natural!
  • Whole Food Energizer sample
  • Bug Stopper soap sample
  • KO sample foil of body lotion
  • Sample of Nuti-Masu, a sports drink mix containing salt from ocean water off Okinawa
  • Coupons for Soap Hope and Lunapads

Whatever did the world do before the existence of energy drinks? Lay around and moan? But I digress…
This is my first CB so I don’t have a good solid opinion yet. I am hoping that next month’s includes less energy and more…. well less energy anyway. I’ll keep you posted!