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Lessons learned from Project #2

Posted by mobarger on May-15-2013

Last time, I posted about my second weaving project. I may have hinted I had issues. Here is what I learned and still need to learn:

1. This was the longest warp I had ever done (105″). By the last placemat, the warp threads were loose in places. I need to perfect warping or at least understand my options when I encounter loose threads. Re-tightening at that point in the project is not the answer!

2. Hemstitch as you go. Doing it off-loom is not fun.

3. Take shrinkage into consideration. I never imagined things would shrink as much, not only once they were off the loom but more after being wet finished.

4. A tile floor makes a great grid for cutting straight lines. So do very sharp scissors.

5. Since I have no stand, I typically sit on the floor and weave from there. The loom is easily portable to the deck and works great propped against a table.

6. Practice makes you better.