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Imports and Inspiration

Posted by mobarger on Jan-19-2014

A few weeks ago I broke down and bought some Wollmeise grab bags. What is it about the element of surprise that excites me so? I am a sucker for grab bags from anywhere.

wollmeise "we're different" Twin (like taube)
This color would be called Taube but I guess it is not up to par. I love it. I haven’t seen many Wollmeise skeins that are so saturated but so muted at the same time.

Kind of like this female cardinal at the newly-remounted window feeder, right?

Meanwhile I was looking for inspiration for patterns for this new yarn. Have you checked out “Pure/Twin – SHOW YOUR FOs!” discussion in the wollmeiseholics anonymous group on Ravelry? A lot of people are creating some *gorgeous* things. I may have added several to my queue just this morning – I am only up to 1357 items there. What’s a few more?