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Big Mail Day

Posted by mobarger on Apr-25-2015

First of all, this arrived from The Loopy Ewe.
That’s fine – I like Blue Moon, the colors are lovely, and I like it very much.
The problem is I DON’T REMEMBER ORDERING THIS YARN. I threw in some samples of Soak Wash, which was very nice and thoughtful. But I have absolutely no recollection of purchasing any of it.

But this guy, I remember.
Opal Sweet and Spicy, color “Cake Pops.” It has been haunting me, taunting me from so many blogs. I started on my quest about a month ago, searching the usual vendors, then googling, searching eBay and Ravelry stashes. Not all who had it really did, and those who did have it did not want to part with it. And it continued to to taunt me.

Then I found 3 on Amazon. From Germany. Shipping one ball cost the same as shipping all 3 so I bought all 3. Why not.
I love these yarns. Sure they are machine-dyed but the designs are fun to watch develop and the color schemas are great.

So I see a lot of Cake Pops in my future. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, do you?