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Posted by mobarger on May-24-2015

There is a sickness that plagues knitters and I know I have it. Just one quick look at my project page on Ravelry and you will see my symptoms. All the pictures of single socks are the biggest clues.

I have single sock syndrome. I work hard on the first sock and by the time I finsh, I am bored. The pattern, the yarn, the project — who knows? After the first sock I have no desire to finish the second.

So today I finished the mate to my earliest sock ever recorded. My first sock was finished in June of 2007. My second sock – 7 years, 11 months and 3 weeks later.

May I present:

Not quite matched up but I don’t think it matters. The yarn is Trekking Color 126. I think at the time it was referred to as Trekking Neapolitan. In fact, a quick Google check proves my memory correct and the first few links in the search even date back to 2007. Nothing since? Wow.

Anyway I checked to see if I have improved at all in sock knitting. These are top down socks, so the first thing I looked at was the heel.

so the top sock is from 2007. I didn’t pull the stitches tight after I picked them up. The little white stitch at the top shows me I did some trickery to bring some stitches together to avoid a hole as I finished the gusset. Conclusion – always pull those picked up stitches tightly around your needle.


My toes have seen some improvement as well. My older sock, on top, shows some wobbliness. Not sure what was going on there. Today’s sock toe is without wobble.

So I am about to start another pair of socks. Using another machine-dyed self-patterning yarn. They are fun, do you like them?