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The Weaving Part Is Easy

Posted by mobarger on Jul-12-2015


Six years ago I went to an auction in Pennsylvania. I talked about it here and here. I’ve had this bin of yarn ever since that I haven’t done a thing with. But I always wanted to make a rug with it.


In fact that’s the same idea someone else had at one point too. Here is part of a crocheted rug that was in the in the bin with all the yarn.


it’s a strange yarn. Every ball is composed this way – single strands of different sorts of yarn brought together to form one strand. I can’t tell if it’s commercial or someone made it this way. Have you ever seen yarn like this before?


I love warping on the deck on a nice sunny day. I ended up using a 10dent reed, putting my warp through each slot and eye. My last rug (which I still have to blog I think) was made with a rug bump and I only warped every other. I like this direct warp method. I think this took me 3 hours.


The warping takes me a few hours and by then I am ready for a break! But I am ready to start weaving usually the next day and that part goes very very quickly. I think it took me less than 2 hours tops to finish this 2×4 rug.


But just because I am done weaving doesn’t mean the project is done. I had a lot of fringe to twist. I just love the look of twisted fringe. Another sunny day on the deck with a cold beverage and I can finish up. I bet this took me 4 hours.


And here is the finished rug in the doorway! I love how it looks!