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Made a fun hat

Posted by mobarger on Feb-1-2016

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. What happened to me? I think I’ve just been posting to Facebook and Instagram. My bad. I will have to dust off some photos and talk about the wonderful retreat I went to in November, or the Laura Nelkin class I took in October. Or something! Anyway, I will get better at posting on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, hat.

The Vermonter

Here is The Vermonter, I think everyone on Ravelry made one last month. Except me, I made one this weekend.


I used MadelineTosh A.S.A.P. in Modern Fair Isle. I had to do quite a few mods for this yarn or my head – or both! Following the pattern, I ended up with tight tiny hat, not my style at all! I redid it, adding 3 extra repeats after casting on 6 extra stitches. The rest of the pattern is the same. I topped it off with a fake fur pompom (Lionbrand) but I see there is an Etsy vendor who sells real fur poms that look pretty cool.

zoolander face

Not that we need winter hats around here. Sunday our high was 52 degrees. Warmer temps through this week with rain. I saw on the news that we have had only 11″ snow this season. That’s crazy! Had to pose with a crazy face about that.