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Learning to Dye

Posted by mobarger on Aug-24-2015

Schaefer Yan, in Interlaken, NY, closed a few years ago. But Cheryl Schaefer has been busy, continuing to dye and offer workshops at her house once a year or so. I’ve missed out in recent years but jumped at the chance when Fiber Arts in the Glen offered the session.

There was quite a stockpile of different bases in her shop. We would be working with Heather, a merino/silk/mohair blend. The result would be a marled look as each fiber takes the dye differently.

We would be dip dyeing our skeins. Each pot holds a different shade of blue.

The undyed skeins wait for us in a bath of water.

The skein gets folded into thirds with the ends on top of each other. Each folded end of this bundle is dipped in a different pot, then as the skein is opened, the real ends dipped in different pots. The center is dipped in the center pot.

The resulting skein.

There were 7 of us in the session. The dyed skeins start to pile up.

They “cooked” on the stove to set the dye.

Another rinse in the water….

then we lay the skeins individually and carefully in a washing machine. Here, they are set to a quick rinse cycle and spun only.

And voila! A skein of blue yarn!

This is a great workshop to get an introduction to dyeing. The weather was perfect and Cheryl has several gardens to admire. Of course, there are many methods to dye yarn but this one was fun for an introduction. And the Cheryl was a great instructor, full of experience and great stories to tell as we waited for the different steps to finish.