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Thanks again Secret Pal!

Posted by mobarger on Jul-31-2008

SP12 collage 2
It was mid-July when the package came. How time flies! My secret pal was thoughtful and it was clear she knew my interests. It was also very clear she is a fellow TLE enthusiast and stalked my wishlist as well!

She sent me a skein of DIC Smooshy China Town Apple. Also Tempted Glam Girl sock yarn in the Moonlight color. It is beautiful and sparkly and I cannot wait to knit it up into … something. Jury is still out on which pattern exactly.

She also sent me a HUGE bottle of Soak which means I have to get off my tuckus and finish some sweaters already. I have several to sew up, weave in and block that are all layered on a dress form in the office. It’s embarrassing.

Also included was a WebKinz CHICKEN! I have not signed up on the website yet. I love this chicken.

And a jar of Gudonyatoo scrub in raspberry mocha. This is good stuff. It produces a small lather and a big scent. I love using it after a long day of working outside.

Thanks you secret pal for thinking of me!

Catching up with SP12

Posted by mobarger on Jul-31-2008

Dear Secret Pal – I must be the lousiest swap partner. I have neglected this blog and you. This summer has been so busy with my job, we just bought a house, and our normal farming activities that I don’t even know what day it is most of the time! I have made this very difficult for you and I am sorry.

I will now attempt to answer all of the outstanding SP12 questions. Here goes.

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Thank you Secret Pal

Posted by mobarger on Jun-29-2008

I plurked it but forgot to mention here that my Secret Pal sent me a gift card to Starbuck’s. Yahoo! Thank you!

This week’s question is “What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?”

I wish I knew! One that you can easily manage and find a skein or three if you are looking for them. I think you need plenty of options when deciding what to kit.