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Rhinebeck 2014

Posted by mobarger on Oct-21-2014


Annual trip to Rhinebeck, now in the books.
I didn’t take too many pictures this year. Clockwise, from top left: The most photographed tree in NY State; Llamas on parade with nun in habit with her cashmere goats bringing up the rear; a sheep is sheared; traditional lunch of Wegman’s sub and fizzy blood orange soda (seriously, I get this every year over waiting in line for hours for something at the Fairgrounds); fiberglass cashmere knitting goat on display at SpringTide Farm booth.

I knew a lot of people would be going on Saturday — people I really wanted to see — yet I didn’t make firm plans to meet up with anyone. Instead I thought, “Oh, I’ll just run into them. It’ll just happen and it will be great.” I was wrong. I didn’t really see anyone and now I am sad. Saturday was very very crowded. Despite the weather, or maybe because of the promised weather. It was supposed to be a pretty day, 30% chance of rain, high of 70. It rained for the first 90 minutes of my drive and a quick cloudburst at the Fairgrounds announced my arrival. It was chilly, certainly not 70 (although in some buildings it got pretty warm due to crowds). Did I mention how crowded it was?

I was glad I had a sweater. I wore Joji Knits Worsted Boxy in Miss Babs Yowza. I finished weaving in all the ends and blocked it Friday evening. It was still damp when I left Saturday morning so once I drove through the bad weather, I threw it up in my dash and turned on the heat and the fan. Worked like a charm although it made the interior of my truck smell like a wet sheep for a while.

I did buy yarn although I have no business buying yarn. I was tempted by Verdant Gryphon but the line scared me so I passed. Same with Miss Babs. And Lisa Souza. And Brooks Farm and The Fold. That was ok, I found plenty else to choose from. My first stop as every other year recently, was Briar Rose. And yes that booth was packed. And surrounded by the line for Jenny the Potter. But I picked up 2 skeins of a nice blue for a sweater. O-Wool was there and I picked up a nice load of Local for a multicolored sweater.

Watch for this yarn to be prevalent in garments next year! Harrisville Designs had a huge crate of this color on sale for $5 each. I picked up enough for a sweater and ran into a group of women in line who originally were from Ithaca (their Ithaca Bakery bag gave them away).

rug bump
Hard to get a good picture of this but it is a “rug bump.” It’s alpaca fiber bound to a cotton core and although some people knit with it, I bought it to weave a small rug. I love the oceanic colors. It’s from Still River Mill.

Picked up 2 skeins of sock yarn (from Gale’s Art and Into the Whirled) and some buttons from Kokonoelle. And some lovely cheese from Sprout Creek Farm. Love their cheese.

And a project bag big enough for my tab if I want to carry it around. This is from Three Bags Full. I may have gushed a little bit about how much I loved her bags. I think she hears that a lot.

There was a ton of fabulous knitwear on display – and some not so fabulous. There were too many people wearing capelets knit from super bulky yarn in my opinion! But some lovely lovely sweaters including a lot of entrelac, some incredible shawls and hats, and I bet a lot of socks no one saw. I spotted the fox sweater in the wild and it was amazing in person. I was pleased to hear people comment on my sweater and even recognize the pattern.

I think the biggest trends this year were gradient yarn kits. They seemed to be everywhere. And homemade soap.

It was a great time this year and I can’t wait for next October. Until then I want to knit all the things because I am now inspired.
And also may have too much yarn.

Slow Going

Posted by mobarger on Oct-4-2014


Working on a Worsted Boxy. Wow is it ever slow-going. I can’t imagine doing the original using fingering. It’s over 200 stitches at this point and while straight stockinette, it just seems like it takes forever to do a round.


The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza Whatta skein! that I purchased at Rhinebeck in 2012. Apparently I never even blogged that trip. But I went and I have the yarn to prove it! So this yarn – I’m on the fence about how it’s knitting up. It reminds me of camo, definitely reminds me of fall. The colorway is “Timberline.”

Speaking of fall, the leaves are changing for sure. It’s noticeable every day. While this year seems a lot colder than years past, we still haven’t had a frost yet. In previous years we’ve had frost by now.

Hopefully my next post will be of me getting ready for Rhinebeck wearing my Worsted Boxy. But at this point I am not optimistic about the sweater!

One Big Sock

Posted by mobarger on Sep-14-2014

Check out this Freia sock yarn:

It’s from Knitwhits and weighs in at about 215 yards per ball. This is the Fuschia colorway.

I wanted to use every inch of this yarn and I kept knitting and knitting until I knit the longest sock I have ever knit. And I still didn’t finish the ball, leaving a lot of pink unused which I added to my mini-skein pile.

View of cable
It’s a simple toe-up (I used Wendy’s pattern) with a mock cable along the side. At 6″ I started increasing 2 stitches every 6 rounds for some calf shaping. The heel method used in this pattern works really well — much better than a short row — to keep the color flow going.

The resulting sock is …um … a foot long. I’ll be starting the second soon, I promise.

I have similar yarn from another vendor (FishKnits) that comes in a longer skein of 440 yards and is 70% Merino/30% Silk. This one is destined to a long shawl to show off that color change the best.

More Freia
I have more Freia too (Color: grapevine). They came to me wound in opposite ways (I bought them at separate times). I’m thinking of knitting them as is for a reverse look in the pair of resulting socks. What do you think?