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Photo Assistants

Posted by mobarger on Nov-2-2009

Hazel Knits Oct 2009 shipment

Yesterday, I took advantage of the nice fall day to take some stash pictures. This skein is from Hazel Knits October Sock Club (I know, another sock club!) and the colorway is “Cascade Canopy.” It’s so pretty. The green just glows.

Hazel Knits Oct 2009 shipment

Here is the other skein. This color is “Path To The Peaks.” The wind blew that bottom leaf right on top of the yarn just as I snapped, I thought it was perfect.

Group of chickens

I quickly had an audience!

Can we eat yarn?

No one was sure what I was doing, or more importantly, if it involved food.

Is it food?

Everyone had to take a look.

Murph and everyone

Even Murphy, and he’s an old pro.

All About Chickens

Posted by mobarger on Jan-9-2009

You may have guessed it if you read my farm blog, but I think about chickens a lot. A lot. So much I think it has affected by buying habits.
For example, over the holidays I did a little shopping.
Spring Chicken yarn

Here is some lovely merino yarn from and it is as soft and squishy as it looks. She’s a fast shipper and has lots of nice yarn. I think these will make up some quick socks for me.

Offhand Designs bag 'Chicks in a Row '

Did you know Offhand Designs was having a fundraiser? All purchases benefit the Alameda food bank. This is a Stella Bella bag, something out of character for me but it’s cute and I think it will make a great project bag. And the pattern? It’s called “Chicks In a Row.”

Rubber Boots

And these boots from PiperLime complete with little chickens (they called them Fat Birds, but to me they are chickens). I won’t be wearing them until spring but I have a feeling the real chickens (and turkeys!) will really get a kick out of them.

Pile of scarves

These scarves have nothing to do with chickens. I finished up some Christmas knitting and will be sending these out. They are in Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, a yarn I have always wanted to try. Guess I got that out of my system.

I still have 2 socks to finish up and I will be done with Christmas 2008. Does anyone ever finish Christmas knitting by Christmas?

Noro scarf 292 & 8

Especially when Noro can be *so* distracting!

Time Stands Still

Posted by mobarger on Mar-16-2008

First Magic Loop

Originally uploaded by MoBarger

I had heard that knitting 2 socks at a time using Magic Loop might be faster.


This is taking forever. And a day. Plus I think I could be using larger needles – I am currently using Addi Lace 24″. The extra length would probably make a difference. Instead of knitting, I spend most of my time shifting the stitches around the needles.

Using a project bag is helping the yarn keep from tangling too much. This is a sock back from ZigZag Stitches. Yarn is JL Yarn Vinca in color 551.