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All Tangled up

Posted by mobarger on Nov-23-2007

With this mystery project (HoHoHo) I am doing my first colorwork. The first few rows, colors were alternated every other stitch so I just pulled the yarn along behind the stitches (purple and pink part).

The pattern is more intricate with the dark and light pink yarns, so I carry the second color along as I knit with the first. This leaves less loose yarn exposed. IMO it makes for a denser fabric too.

But I have a problem.

A tangled mess. One way around it, I guess, would be to cut the yarn into workable lengths, and move these small balls back and forth as opposed to the working end of the yarn as I am now. But I am adverse to cutting the yarn. So far all I have been doing is knitting a couple rows, then untwisting the tangles, and starting over. But there has to be a better way.