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Inspired by Rhubarb

Posted by mobarger on Nov-8-2009

Oct. Fiber Barista Shipment

The October Fiber Baristas shipment. This one comes DT Craft & Design from the UK! She sent it along with some candies and a recipe for Rhubarb crumble.

Oct. Fiber Barista Shipment

The color is inspired by rhubarb and the included recipe. It’s “Crumble Rumble,” a mix of reds, purples and dark pinks.

Rhubarb mosaic

It’s amazing how inspiring this poisonous little plant can be! Look at the sampling of pix from Flickr. Many are inspired by its color, taste and texture. The leaves contain oxalates and are poisonous, the stalks not so much. Other plants that we eat that contain varying amounts of oxalates in their leaves are spinach, peas and potatoes.

Fiesta Boomerang Rhubarb
But it continues to inspire dyers, and apparently me too. Here is Fiesta Boomerang in Rhubarb from my stash.

Numma Numma Toasty Boo Rhubarb
And Numma Numma ToastyBoo.

And that third one from the left is Rhubarber in Wollmeise.

I find rhubarb inspiring for it means spring and warmth and green growth. And for the next 6 months we will have none of that! Are you inspired by rhubarb?

Two socks finished

Posted by mobarger on May-30-2009
Nanner Socks

The Nanner socks have been OTN forever and I finally finished #2 this morning. Sometimes the ribbing can take a very long time, as it did here.
Nanner Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie “Pond Scum”

Tripolini socks

The second sock I finished should have been a quicker knit, I am not sure what my problem was. This took me 4 days. A nice, short, lacy summer sock.

Tripolini close-up

The yarn was the second shipment of the Fiber Baristas sock club and is from Zen Garden. Although I don’t have close-ups, the heel on this sock is really spectacular. Instead of typical SL1 K1, the lace descends and gradually tapers off.
Tripolini Socks by LImedragon
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden serendipity sport in “Falls”

In the Mail This Week

Posted by mobarger on Apr-24-2009

I guess I like to keep our mail carrier busy around here! This week I received:

Socks From the Toe Up cover

Wendy’s new book! If you are a knitter and you like socks and it so happens you do not have this book, I highy suggest you get this book. Now.
I’ll wait.
It is full of advice, different approaches, and of course, PATTERNS. If you are on Ravelry there is a KAL for the book too.

Fiber Baristas 4/09 from Painted Tiger

Here is the newest shipment from Fiber Baristas club. This month the dyer is The Painted Tiger from Iowa. The theme is Field of Dreams and she even included a stitch marker with a tiny baseball. I’ve never knit from one of these sock flats before but now that I have 2 (I received a Conjoined Creations in a swap last year) I don’t have any more excuses to put it off.

Plurk Postcard swap

I joined a postcard swap on Plurk and have so far received 2 out of 3. I remember as a kid sending these all the time- my parents took me everywhere and we camped. It’s been a long time since I sent a post card! My have gone to California, Ontario and the UK.

Yarn Pirate 4/09

And finally here is the latest shipment in the Booty Club. I’ve actually canceled my subscription for the upcoming round as my skeins are piling up. She has very nice yarn. Other clubs have spoiled me by throwing in extras though. I’m all for the swag!

I will continue to do my part to keep our mail carrier busy. Did you know today is Etsy Day? I may have bought yarn …