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A Wurm-y gift

Posted by mobarger on Jan-8-2014

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I made this hat in just a few days. It’s super-stretchy and because of that, it makes a good slouch hat too. I used a prop I’ve been spending a lot of time with lately for its picture: a snow shovel.

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Is it cold where you are? Our records for low temperatures are breaking all over. Makes it necessary to have a nice wurm – I mean warm – hat.

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Here is something I bought for myself —

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A new bag from Three Bags Full. And let me tell you, do they ship fast or what! I ordered on Friday and it arrived on Monday. I love it. I see there are new bags listed in their Etsy shop and I have my eye on another one. I love their designs.

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Pattern: Wurm
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica color 107
I made this as a gift but I think I need to make one for me!

Christmas Knitting

Posted by mobarger on Dec-29-2008

My Christmas knitting went slow and is not yet completed. I have 2 more socks to finish. I did buy a lot of the PolarKnit yarn for some quick gifts.

Liz's Hat

Here is their Skull Beanie pattern knit for one of my step-daughters.

Pattern link

Cowl for Tracey

I also knit a neck cowl for my other step-daughter.

Pattern link

I made some other things but I can’t show them yet because (*sigh) I haven’t mailed them out yet.

Thoughts on PolarKnit? Those Polar Fleece stickers are a little hard to remove. It leaves little balls of fleece everywhere – especially if you like to knit with a fleece blanket on your lap. I thought I knit with even tension but some of the ribbing is crooked. I wish they offered more colors. It knits up well-defined cables. Everyone LOVES the fabric it creates – it is soft, spongy and warm. It’s a unique choice of yarn when you want to do up some quick projects.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Someone in our family received a cute Christmas puppy.Kiera holds Roscoe

Everyone gave the puppy a warm welcome.

Kathy and Roscoe


Lovejoy's new puppy Roscoe

Join the Club

Posted by mobarger on Feb-16-2008

I think I have joined a total of 3 sock clubs this year: Socks That Rock of course (been a member since the beginning), made it into the Loopy Ewe Club which starts this spring, and the Yarn Pirate sock club.

What’s different from the Pirate club is we get yarn – and lots of great accessories like pink circs. But no pattern. The rest is up to us. There is a Yarn Pirate group on Ravelry that makes it all very interesting. We can share what we make with the yarn every month.

My first take with this yarn was the Spiral Eyelet sock. On size 2.75 at 48-ish stitches, the striping is wide. I really liked the stripes, the eyelets not so much. I wanted a pattern to smear the stripes, mix it up a little. I wanted to do something new to me.

So I tinked and started over. And started over. And over. Ended up with a toe up at 60 stitches on 2.25 needles. Stripes are still there, but the change in gauge has certainly affected them. I wish I had those wide stripes back, but frankly they would not fit an adult foot at the gauge I had before.

The pattern is Swirl Socks with a little bit of Wendy’s generic toe up thrown in.

Another recent knit includes the new Noro sock yarn done in a basic cuff down sock at 56st with a short row heel. I am just at the heel on the second sock. I have adjusted the yarn so both socks are the same, and it looks like I will have a lot left over. So a tip for you – on size 2.25 I think it is – you can go more than 6″ on the top of the sock and have more yarn. I would bet you could do 8″, more if you did not care about matching.

I kinneared myself while driving to catch my new hat in action. It’s Stella’s Hat in malabrigo. Quick knit! I did it while watching the Grammy’s!