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Every Which Way – including done

Posted by mobarger on Nov-7-2009

Every Way Wrap

I finally finished the “Every Which Way” wrap. Sorry, no modeling pictures, maybe Gary will help me later.

Every Way Wrap

It seemed to take forever. Certainly my largest cable project to date.

Every Way Wrap

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill potluck worsted – remember when they had their own bag sales and you only picked the color family and the weight, and they shipped you …. something? Yeah, it’s that old. It’s a mix of greens and very warm.
Every Way Wrap

The buttons came from some vendor at Hemlock this year, I am not sure who. The pattern is Interweave Knits Fall 2009.

The whole time I knit it, this movie (and its song) were on my mind. Now you can have the ear worm too! (Besides, I loves me some Clint!)

Every Which Way Wrap

From Interweave Knits Fall 2009

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Potluck worsted “Jeweltones”

Be sure to check errata before you start from the pattern in the magazine; the chart is wrong.

Lotus Blossom

Posted by mobarger on Jun-25-2007

Ooommmm…must remain calm…Oooooom…must count and repeat ….OOoooom…I know I can conquer this pattern ….

I am making the Lotus Blossom Tank from 2006 Interweave Knits. I have started it about 14 times now, and I am hoping I am on my way. I finished the second pattern repeat which is much much further than I have gotten before. All of my restarts made me pretty familiar with the pattern and aware of what I had to do to correct mistakes.

For me, this is not a late night knit! Since I tend to fall asleep while knitting and night and sleeping is not conducive to counting, this is strictly an early morning over coffee knit.
Yarn: SWTC Oasis Soy yarn.

Ooommmm…must remain calm…Oooooom…must count and repeat ….OOoooom…I know I can conquer this pattern ….

Finger Lakes Fibers

Posted by mobarger on May-2-2007


I visited Finger Lakes Fibers in Watkins Glen yesterday. I had ordered a GoKnit bag and it had arrived. I figured it was better to buy local than to buy from Scout (although I have my eye on something else from there) 😉
I ended up buying a Simply Knit pattern and some yarn for a the Lotus Blossom Tank pattern from Summer 2006 IK. And some needles since my Lantern Moon needles encountered yet another breakage when I was working on Poma yesterday. It is a very nice store with a lot of locally grown fiber and spun yarn plus all the usual names. I was glad to see that they did not stock a ton of Berocco – nothing against Berocco it was just nice to see a store who didn’t have a lot. they had lots of new yarns, Tofutsies and Bamboo blends, lots of Elizabeth Lavold yarn and great sample knits. Tons of sock yarns. Lots of Schaeffer. Good book section and nice place to sit in the front window.

I am working on the Poma again although I am taking another breather. I was working chart B and didn’t bother to check the pattern again until I finished the chart. Oops. I am just going to repeat the chart once more to complete the foot and call her done.

crafty stuff

I also stopped at Borders and Michaels on my way back home and scored on the dollar bin at Michaels. I love this farmy stuff. If I ever join another exchange I am all set :) The pencil case will make a very handy needle case don’t you think?