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Back to DPNs

Posted by mobarger on Apr-7-2008

I finished the 2 at a time magic loop socks done on circs too small 😉 By the time I got to the gusset, I decided to go back to my good ol. DPNs.

Now I am working on March’s Rocking Sock Club sock, “Leafling.” It has been a while since I have knit with BMFA yarn, I forgot how addiciting it is. I love watching this pattern progress. I am on the heel, the actual heel turning is done with short rows on thh bottom of the foot. And yup, with my trusty DPNs. :)

Time Stands Still

Posted by mobarger on Mar-16-2008

First Magic Loop

Originally uploaded by MoBarger

I had heard that knitting 2 socks at a time using Magic Loop might be faster.


This is taking forever. And a day. Plus I think I could be using larger needles – I am currently using Addi Lace 24″. The extra length would probably make a difference. Instead of knitting, I spend most of my time shifting the stitches around the needles.

Using a project bag is helping the yarn keep from tangling too much. This is a sock back from ZigZag Stitches. Yarn is JL Yarn Vinca in color 551.