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A Truckload

Posted by mobarger on Nov-16-2009

So did you catch the Patons Classic Wool sale at Michael’s last week? $2.50 for over 200 yards of 100% wool. I might have bought some. I would have bought more if that woman there 5 minutes before me hadn’t filled her own truck basket. And yes, it is in the back of my truck. Not like I bought a truckload of yarn, but I could move my truck to catch good light, and to stay out of the way of the turkeys.

Helpful Nell
MMMyeah – I was wrong. It took Nell about 2 minutes to hop in and er, “help.” That little stuffed turkey was in the bargain bins. I might have bought them all. I love it, but Nell is not too sure.

Helpful Nell
I am not sure what she is looking for either. First one way …

Helpful Nell
Then the next …

Murphy gently pulled at my pant leg the whole time. When I would look down at him he would quickly look away, like here. If he had lips I am sure he would whistle too.

How to keep turkeys busy
At least I kept one turkey distracted.

Well Christmas is coming and I have plenty of supplies! And if turkeys had thumbs I would have a mighty workforce too!

It’s a Gift

Posted by mobarger on Feb-21-2009

Hidden Path socks 

Believe it or not I finished my 2008 Christmas knitting — this week. yup, a little behind. But the pattern was great, and the yarn amazing! I didn’t realize until I was finished and looking for the yarn wrapper that I was knitting with some cashmere. No wonder I loved the yarn so much. So off they go to their recipient. I think I have more of this yarn in my stash so I may do these over for me. :)
Hidden Path socks 
Yarn: Pagewood Farm Alyeska
Color: Santa Fe
Pattern: Hidden Path Socks

Patons Sock 
So as soon as I wove the last end in, I cast on for yet another pair of socks. This yarn I found on sale at Michael’s – I mean someone else found on sale at Michael’s and I found empty bins. Morose, I wandered the aisles of their knitting section and came across a woman with about 20 balls of the sale yarn in her basket. “So that’s where all the sale yarn went to,” I joked. She laughed too and admitted she would never knit all that yarn, and did I want some?
Patons Sock 
Turns out she was the wife of a co-worker of mine, only I didn’t realize it at the time (she knew me however. I hate that when it happens!) She allowed me to pick some yarn from her basket. I think it’s only fitting that she receive socks from the yarn she gave me (she doesn’t knit socks as it turns out). So these will be hers.
Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock Stripe
Color: Bronzed Berry Stripe
Pattern: Basic Cuff down

Thank You card 
The same visit to Michael’s is when I bought the yarn for the scarves in this post. They finally were mailed off last week or so and surprisingly enough were received by First Class Mail the VERY NEXT DAY. Impressive. More impressive is this card. I’ll be pinning this on my bulletin board: it’s just that beautiful.
Thank You card 
Don’t you think so? And so …. SPRING LIKE!