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Imports and Inspiration

Posted by mobarger on Jan-19-2014

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A few weeks ago I broke down and bought some Wollmeise grab bags. What is it about the element of surprise that excites me so? I am a sucker for grab bags from anywhere.

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This color would be called Taube but I guess it is not up to par. I love it. I haven’t seen many Wollmeise skeins that are so saturated but so muted at the same time.

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Kind of like this female cardinal at the newly-remounted window feeder, right?

Meanwhile I was looking for inspiration for patterns for this new yarn. Have you checked out “Pure/Twin – SHOW YOUR FOs!” discussion in the wollmeiseholics anonymous group on Ravelry? A lot of people are creating some *gorgeous* things. I may have added several to my queue just this morning – I am only up to 1357 items there. What’s a few more?

Mmmmm Chocolate

Posted by mobarger on Dec-12-2009

Chocolate swap
Yes, it’s another swap, this time the “Autumn Chocolate swap” on Ravelry. But with the time of year and all, it is very easy to sneak some holiday chocolate in there too! I know I did for mine, and my swap partner did for me too!
Included are 2 different kinds of Hershey kisses, and plenty of chocolate from her favorite candy shop in Lansing Michigan. This will keep me in chocolate for a while! And keeping with the chocolate theme, String Theory sock yarn in “Winter Canopy” which is a mix of browns, white and some blue.
Thank you Elizabeth (PhDinHorribleness on Ravelry)! I love your package!

Swap Karma

Posted by mobarger on Nov-12-2009

Zen Swap pkg 2
Thank you Lauren! You read me like a book! Maybe even two books!

Zen Swap pkg 2
Included in my package were 2 books, even one from my Amazon wishlist. The books are “Meditations from the Mat” and “Herbal Healing for Women.” Also in the package were Tazo Green Tea, Ghiradelli chocolate with peanut butter, some herbally cleaning towels for mats or whatever, a Wah! CD (new to me! yay!), huge jar of strawberry jam from the sender’s favorite local place, and yaarrrn.

Knit Picks Imagination
Knit Picks Imagination yarn in Seven Dwarves. Let’s go in for a close-up.

Mmm, wool and alpaca. Lovely warm colors. I love it! Thank you blogless Lauren! I love my package and I thank you so much. Please keep me posted on your move and the progress on your new farm! Namaste!