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More on those auction finds

Posted by mobarger on Aug-31-2009

yarn container
Here is the container that holds all the yarn. At one point it had a fabric cover and I imagine it was stuffed like a big pin cushion! Some day I might feel capable enough to remove the small staples that hold the band that keeps the lid together, and replace the fabric, but for now, it will remain un-upholstered.

Cone of laceweight
One yarn I didn’t share last time is this cone of laceweight yarn. I have no idea how much is there! I think it is merino, it has a slight halo and just reminds me of merino laceweight I have seen. What are your thoughts?

Here is the case that contains the sewing machine. It currently rests in a tight spot where good pictures are hard to take.

Lots of cubbies to store tools etc.

Here is the machine, a warhorse for sure. It is a 117.97, the label is Kenmore though there is a Singer equivalent. Both were manufactured by White in 1952.

It came with all of its documentation and attachments, but not the most important ones – the foot pedal and power cord! I have some research to do!

Auction Finds

Posted by mobarger on Aug-29-2009

We went to an auction today in PA, ironically right across the street from the Orwell Fiber Museum we visited a few weeks ago. Although we went there specifically to look at a tractor and some other equipment, I walked away with some fibery goodness.

Yarn collection
Isn’t this funky yarn? I have about 10 large balls of it.

Yarn collection
It’s 10-ply of different yarns, different weights. Some are almost novelty-ish.

Crocheted rug
I think the owner crocheted rugs.

I also purchased for $25 (no pix yet!) a Kenmore 117.97 Rotary Sewing Machine in the most beautiful case. The case has 3 drawers with lots of built-in hidey holes. It also has 2 wings that provide a lot of workroom. It turns out it is missing its power cord and foot pedal but it could be these parts are easy to find. I hope. Regardless for $25 I was thinking I could buy a replacement machine and use the case.

Gary bought a cordless drill and a tree stand. :)

JP Coats spool cabinet
We were standing next to the family of the estate. Their father had passed away in May and they were cleaning out the house to sell. We heard some great stories like how their mom received a .410 Over Under instead of an engagement ring and ended up buying her own diamond. This spool cabinet stood in the Cole Store at the end of the street but stayed in the family. It is dated 1900. The family’s son bid on it against a very aggressive buyer. Turned out he was bidding for a cousin, and the price was more than she was ready to pay. Final selling price? $1300.