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A Sock and A Sale

Posted by mobarger on Feb-22-2014

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The sock I started during the Super Bowl? I finally finished it today. A couple of brain farts really got in my way: stupid short row heels and reading patterns. The pattern approaches the heel in a different way. Also my brain was convinced that SSK = K2Tog. This rarely turns out well. Did it turn out well this time? Pretty much, but now I am dealing with too tight of an EZ sewn bind-off and trying to make the cuff looser.

Meanwhile to distract you I will tell you of 2 sales of which I recently partook. I had no business buying yarn, but Craftsy is having a sale on TML. For $15.36 you can get a skein. I have to tell you I have been coveting the Stephen West colorway for a while and I may have bought one two three.

Another sale is at Interweave Knits — on books this time. Their shipping can be a little high but if you use code WEAVE15 you will get 15% off. Like me. *sigh. I found some knitting books I have been looking at for a while and they were less than $4. But here’s the thing – they have stuff from all of their fibery crafts on sale and that code still works. Just saying.

Inspired by Rhubarb

Posted by mobarger on Nov-8-2009

Oct. Fiber Barista Shipment

The October Fiber Baristas shipment. This one comes DT Craft & Design from the UK! She sent it along with some candies and a recipe for Rhubarb crumble.

Oct. Fiber Barista Shipment

The color is inspired by rhubarb and the included recipe. It’s “Crumble Rumble,” a mix of reds, purples and dark pinks.

Rhubarb mosaic

It’s amazing how inspiring this poisonous little plant can be! Look at the sampling of pix from Flickr. Many are inspired by its color, taste and texture. The leaves contain oxalates and are poisonous, the stalks not so much. Other plants that we eat that contain varying amounts of oxalates in their leaves are spinach, peas and potatoes.

Fiesta Boomerang Rhubarb
But it continues to inspire dyers, and apparently me too. Here is Fiesta Boomerang in Rhubarb from my stash.

Numma Numma Toasty Boo Rhubarb
And Numma Numma ToastyBoo.

And that third one from the left is Rhubarber in Wollmeise.

I find rhubarb inspiring for it means spring and warmth and green growth. And for the next 6 months we will have none of that! Are you inspired by rhubarb?

Not What I expected

Posted by mobarger on Jul-10-2009
Felted Yoga Mat bag

I spent the last week knitting a 45″ long tube. This is the Felted Yoga Mat bag from “Great Knitted Gifts.” I used Malabrigo (blue) and Plymouth Boku (stripes). The sample I knit seemed to felt nicely so I took the 45″ plunge. And threw it in the washer once I was finally done. And again. And again. And again.

Felted Yoga Mat bag

Turns out the Boku really doesn’t felt too well! I now have a very big bag, or maybe a very small mat. :-/

Yoga Bag close-up

The Malabrigo on the left, very dense, very felted. The Boku on the right, not so much. Bummer. Now what do I do with this thing! Ah well. I guess that’s the gamble you take with felting.

Start of On Hold Socks

Moving on, I started the July sock for the Socks From the Toe Up KAL on Ravelry, WendyKnits’ On Hold sock. The yarn is Claudia Handpainted, the color is Denim. This is the first time I have used Claudia’s and it is awesome. I love how it knits up. The pattern is ok, I have not memorized it yet after 2 repeats but I am hoping it comes soon. I can’t wait until I start the leg when there is a double lace insert up the sides.
One thing I have improved with all these toe-up socks is my Judy’s Magic cast-on. I still refer to Cat Bordhi’s video once in a while, but now I do the very first loops with a slightly larger needle, switching to required size on the first round. Also I like the way M1’s look over Knit TBL increases.

TLE Jul09 shipment

I have just one problem. The new Loopy Ewe Sock club kit arrived. BuggaBugga and yet another WendyKnits pattern which looks like a lot of fun. The package also contained a cute sheep stitchmarker as well as a Namaste buddy case. I am not sure about the case. Although I have always been tempted by them when they are in stock, in person they are not what I thought they would be. There is not a lot of room inside. Does anyone use these? What do you use them for?