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This I know

Posted by mobarger on Jun-24-2009
New Hamp chick

It takes on average 21 days for a chicken egg to be laid and a chick to emerge.

Turkey babies

It takes a turkey 28 days to make the same trip.


A duck takes 28 days too. So in 3-4 weeks, all of this life is created and ready to go! Less than a month!

Lacy Rib progress

So what’s my problem? I have been working on this pair of socks for 24 days now, and I have 6 days to go to finish this sock in time to be entered in the Wendy Knits “Socks From the Toe Up” KAL on Ravelry. (If you are not a member of Ravelry, take note that memberships are now immediately approved! No more waiting!)

Lacy Rib Sock #2

So, chicken 21 days. Turkey and ducks, 28 days. Feathers and feet and eyes and all that. Me, not so efficient.

Beulah's new calf

I can console myself that it takes a cow a touch over 9 months to create a calf. A 200 pound calf.


I have 6 days to turn the heel and create the leg, and bind off. At least I’ve got thyme. (groan).

Two socks finished

Posted by mobarger on May-30-2009
Nanner Socks

The Nanner socks have been OTN forever and I finally finished #2 this morning. Sometimes the ribbing can take a very long time, as it did here.
Nanner Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie “Pond Scum”

Tripolini socks

The second sock I finished should have been a quicker knit, I am not sure what my problem was. This took me 4 days. A nice, short, lacy summer sock.

Tripolini close-up

The yarn was the second shipment of the Fiber Baristas sock club and is from Zen Garden. Although I don’t have close-ups, the heel on this sock is really spectacular. Instead of typical SL1 K1, the lace descends and gradually tapers off.
Tripolini Socks by LImedragon
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden serendipity sport in “Falls”

Monkey in the Mirror

Posted by mobarger on May-25-2009
Monkey Picot Cuff

So you remember the Monkey sock I did, and because I am inept at crochet, the provisional cast-on required for the picot cuff was less than stellar! I tried threading some waste yarn through live stitches instead, and although it was a little slow going getting the stitches off the needle and knit together, I am happy to report I have found a method that works for me. When I am feeling more masochistic, I will attempt the provisional cast-on again.

Monkeys in the mirror

So I had this other idea – create another pair of Monkeys in a yarn I thought was the opposite of the first one I chose. For this pair, I also did the picot cuff, but used the ‘no purl’ approach.

Monkeys in the mirror

I think I like the ‘no purl’ pattern better. And unlike most of the world, I am not addicted to this pattern. I have to make the mates to this sock and I am done.
Pattern: Monkey Socks (4 repeats, both purl and no purl)
Yarn: (dark) Chewy Spaghetti Spaghetti “Festive”
Yarn: (light) Zen String Serendipity Fingering “Reflection”