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Final SP12 package

Posted by mobarger on Oct-12-2008

SP 12 The big reveal!  and a big shout out to Mandi – blog reader, wishlist stalker and overall awesome secret pal. Look at that book – it’s been on my Amazon wishlist for a while. “Learn To Knit In The Woods” talks about knitting in the woods as well as what to knit to be outdoors. I love it!

Eggs and Chickens stitch markers! Chicken stitch markers!

Happy Housewife soap and sundries Happy Housewife soap! and some scent!

Sheeppaints Sheepaints yarn.

Trekking ProNatura Trekking Pro-Natura Yarn in my absolute favorite color.

Schaefer Anne Schaffer Anne. Lovely muted colors.

Fleece artist Novia Scotia Aaaannnndd Hand Maiden sock in Nova Scotia. Words do not explain how much I love this yarn.

2 WendyKnits patterns And if that wasn’t enough, two Wendyknits patterns – Delusions of Grandeur and Ribbon Candy. Woo hoo!

Thank you *so* much Mandi. You were a very generous and extremely thoughtful SP!

Thanks again Secret Pal!

Posted by mobarger on Jul-31-2008

SP12 collage 2
It was mid-July when the package came. How time flies! My secret pal was thoughtful and it was clear she knew my interests. It was also very clear she is a fellow TLE enthusiast and stalked my wishlist as well!

She sent me a skein of DIC Smooshy China Town Apple. Also Tempted Glam Girl sock yarn in the Moonlight color. It is beautiful and sparkly and I cannot wait to knit it up into … something. Jury is still out on which pattern exactly.

She also sent me a HUGE bottle of Soak which means I have to get off my tuckus and finish some sweaters already. I have several to sew up, weave in and block that are all layered on a dress form in the office. It’s embarrassing.

Also included was a WebKinz CHICKEN! I have not signed up on the website yet. I love this chicken.

And a jar of Gudonyatoo scrub in raspberry mocha. This is good stuff. It produces a small lather and a big scent. I love using it after a long day of working outside.

Thanks you secret pal for thinking of me!

Thank you Secret Pal

Posted by mobarger on Jun-29-2008

I plurked it but forgot to mention here that my Secret Pal sent me a gift card to Starbuck’s. Yahoo! Thank you!

This week’s question is “What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?”

I wish I knew! One that you can easily manage and find a skein or three if you are looking for them. I think you need plenty of options when deciding what to kit.