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The way to Zen

Posted by mobarger on Oct-24-2009

Yoga swap gift
The way to zen is through knitting of course! But really, I am currently participating in a yoga-themed swap on Ravelry . Blogless Ellab has sent me a very nice package! She included a book, “Knitted Socks East and West,” Neil Young “Harvest” CD, and 2 skeins of sock yarn.
I picked the mail up as I was heading out and I have to tell you, I was so excited about the Neil Young CD I immediately popped it in the player in my trick! Heaven! It has been a long since I have had this album and I was so happy to be reunited with it.

Wildfoote Sock
The yarn is Wildfoote in “Dark Carmel,” a nice orange-y brown which I really like! I see many patterns in the book where I can use this yarn! Thank you ellab!

Rhinebeck Haul

Posted by mobarger on Oct-18-2009

At Rhinebeck this year I had the following goals:
– visit The Fold, Brooks Farm, Briar Rose;
– find cashmere;
– buy buttons;
– find bargains;
– buy Clara’s new book;
– go to a Ravelry meetup.

Let’s see how I did.

First stop was The Fold. This one was so easy to find as their line to pay extended out the door of their building into the streets. This wasn’t going to stop me or Mary! In we went and we both emerged with several skeins. We met Thor in line who gladly wrote up our receipts, and Toni was at the register to ring us up.
STR from The Fold
From left: STR lightweight Rare Gems, STR Mediumweight Rare Gems, STR Mediumweight Crabby McCrabbypants.

Brooks Farm was next over from The Fold so in we went, again nonplussed by the line. Lines were everywhere. There was no avoiding the lines if you really wanted something (unfortunately, artichokes did not make that cut). I love the yarns that Brooks Farm always has, their friendly faces and their Texas accents. And they had sale yarn! When they asked if they could do anything else for me, I wanted to say, “Yes! Take me back to Texas with you!” but I smiled and thanked them instead.
Brook Farm yarns
From left: Ellie (on sale), Ellie (on sale), Duet
BTW, if you know how to discern colors on Brooks Farm labels, please let me know!

I saw many Briar Rose bags wandering around and I wondered how their stock was doing. I had a particular yarn I was looking for! We soon made it over to their booth, admired their sample knits, inquired about the yarn I was looking for, and got No for an answer. They had none in stock anywhere, but maybe soon.

Across the way was Lis and her Heirlooms booth and we visited a while and admired her many woven purses, knit hats, handspun and rugs. We heard someone retell a story of having her handmade hat stolen when she turned her back to try on a matching wrap and hat (I wish I took her picture – her wrap was stunning!). Lis’ friends brought her and her husband a pair of those steaming hot chicken pot pies for lunch. And I bought a pattern of Lis’ for a cable brim hat. I had admired one on our way into the festival. Lis was pleased to hear about that one!

OK so you are probably wondering what yarn I was looking for at Briar Rose? A few weeks ago I saw Anne Hanson’s new pattern for a cowl, “Ivy Vines.” I am not a cowl person but I loved something about this one! And it required cashmere yarn with one of the suggested yarns being made by Briar Rose. In one of the livestock buildings we came across Spring Tide Farm from Maine. The cashmere pelt at the entrance of their booth gave them away. Their selection was sparse and dwindling as we watched. The woman in front of me bought about 8 skeins! The woman behind me picked up the last skein in the color I wanted (a pea soup kind of green). I settled on a golden avocado skein. And soon there were less than 10 skeins left in their display, more people interested in their yarn, and anxious people from Spring Tide Farm. They had no more stock and still a whole other day to sell yarn. Seems like they had a good day.
If the cowl pattern from KnitSpot doesn’t work out for me, they also gave out free patterns with each skein. So I have a backup plan!
Spring Tide Farm Cashmere

There seemed to be a lot of buttons for sale from carved to glass to vintage to clay – you name it. I bought a few. Chatting with another button buyer, we both agreed that you can never have too many buttons. Even if you do not know what you will do with them. I guess they are sort of like yarn in that way.
From left: pin buttons from mystery vendor, nut buttons from same vendor, African-made glass from Melissa Jean, From Handspun by Stefania, glass shawl pin from Moving Mud.

Note to mystery vendor: include your business name on your receipts!

Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm had cheese and yogurt, thrummed mitten kits, hiking sock kits and $50 sweaters they sell on QVC. I bought a single hank of handspun to make boot socks for Gary.
Brown handspun from Beaver Brook Farm

At Seaport Yarn I found a J-Knits sock yarn in a Rhinebeck colorway. Gorgeous! I also had the pleasure or misfortune to stand behind a complete enabler. First she was holding some other gorgeous sock yarn which turned out to be Punta and irresistible. Then she asked if I had tried square needles yet. I had not, and would you believe there were baskets of them in the checkout line? I bought a set of size 1’s – I was hoping for 2.25 but only found the ones. I know 99.9% of WendyKnits patterns are on this size so they will be put to good and frequent use!
Seaport Yarn
From left: Punta MeriSock, J-Knits “Rhinebeck”

Foxhill Farms 100% Romney
That leaves 100% Romney worsted from FoxHill Farms. I missed seeing the sweet older woman at their booth this year. I have had some great conversations with her. I hope she is ok! This color is Asters. I am not sure what I will do with it, but I love it.They had a wonderful silk-blend yarn this year and I saw people buying some wonderful wonderful colors but by the time I put two and two together, the colors left were just not me.

Crazy Zauerball
Lastly, here is some Crazy Zauerball sock yarn. And no vendor name on the receipt.

I never did find Clara’s book or get it signed. I know she was there though, I’ve seen pictures! And when noon came around for the Ravelry meetup, it seemed a better idea to keep shopping than stopping. So I know I missed meeting lots of people! Other than that, I think I met my goals and then some. I also met up with some great people, for the first time and some for the second and third, and had a great day. And that’s a Rhinebeck wrap! (and you didn’t have to wait in line to get it!)

Arrivals and Departures

Posted by mobarger on Aug-2-2009

A few goodies arrived this week in the mail.

TLE Anniversary Kit 2009

First off, The Loopy Ewe Anniversary kit. The pattern looks great and I can’t wait to get started! (Debbie O’Neill at Nutty Creations, “Poppycock”). The Lorna’s Laces yarn and the coffee mug are colored to match the Loopy Ewe’s headquarters’ colors.

Fal 09 IK

The Fall 09 issue of Interweave Knits. The Fall issue of just about any magazine is huge and spectacular and full of promise and this one is no different! Bandelier Socks and Farmers Market cardigan are my runaway faves.

Colorful Yarn

Some yarn from Colorful Yarn whom I read about on Wendyknits blog. It is incredibly vibrant. This is the “Berry” color.

WM Wasabi

Also vibrant is this skein of Wollmeise Wasabi I scored in a recent Loopy Ewe Wollmeise sneak-up. This yarn goes so fast when it is available. I was lucky enough to be at the computer when word went out it was online.

WM Barista from Liz!

And finally here is more Wollmeise, a color I have coveted and never been able to buy. Thank you to dear Liz who sent me a skein.

WM Kurbis

So departing Chez Rooster is this skein of Wollmeise Kurbis, a color that Liz has been coveting. I have to admit, the more I look at it, the more I covet it too! I will find you again Kurbis! Liz, enjoy!