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Holy Moly!

Posted by mobarger on Nov-1-2009

unfinished suss
When I discovered last minute that I was going to Rhinebeck, my next thought was What DO I Wear??! After all Rhinebeck is the fashion show for handknits. (Did you see the medley of hats someone posted on Flickr?) I thought of this unfinished sweater I had languishing in a closet waiting to be seamed (I hate seaming). The pattern was from a Family Circle magazine, circa 2004, and designed by Suss Cousins. The yarn is Malabrigo. You know – 100% wool wonderfully dyed wool.

Wool moths!
LOOK at that! Look what they did!

Wool Moths!

Wool moths!

Clearly it was time to take action.

Herb Mix
In one of the blogs I read, I discovered The Fiber Denn and their herbal moth away products. I purchased the “Sextet Collection ” which contained 6 different blends to scare away these voracious insects.

Little bags
They include some small heat-sealable teabags and a small wooden scoop to make your sachets.

Big bags
At Rhinebeck I also purchased some bulk herbs — a mix of cedar, rosemary, mint — from an unknown vendor (no name on the receipt, no card in the bag or I would link to them, really!). I already had some large heat-sealable teabags and I put this blend in those. If you want teabags of your own, I bought mine from Atlantic Spice Company. They have herbs too if you want to blend your own.

So here’s hoping that I have put a stop to those moths! Luckily of all the sweaters I had tucked away waiting to be finished, this was the only one they found appetizing (the others are wool too). All my stash is stored in plastic bins in other rooms, and I do go through them every month. These sachets will make me feel better!

Finished sweater

Posted by mobarger on Jun-18-2007

Almost finished – I still need to get some buttons.

Knitting Pure and Simple, Henley Sweater.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora, color 15525 (greige).