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Finished a pair of socks

Posted by mobarger on Jun-15-2007

Not a matched pair, but a pair of socks anyway!

Simply Trekking Socks, pattern by MimKnits, Yarn Trekking 126. These were my travel socks, no pattern to read really except for the cuff.

Pomatomus, by CookieA at Yran, Cider Moon Glacier in June Carter. This was my hard core must concentrate and count sock.

To celebrate I bought more sock yarn.

From the Loopy Ewe, I bought some of the new CTH sock yarn in Birches, 3 skeins of Claudia Handpainted Short Sports in “Oops,” and a skein of Zen String Fingering Yarn in Ben.

Stoppage and Startage

Posted by mobarger on Apr-30-2007

I have not made too much progress on the Pomatomus since I last posted about it. This is my second pattern following a chart, and I screwed it up. So I have to tink 2 more rows before I get started again. This sock has been more about the tinking and less about the knitting so I am taking a quick break.

So I have started yet another sock. This is Trekking Color 126. I bought this yarn and a whole load of Trekking from eBay, If you are looking fro Trekking, look no further than here. She ships quickly, prices are great and shipping is free when you spend over $50 or so. Go there now.

The pattern is Simple Trekking Sock. I think it was the word “simple” that really drew me in . 😉