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Pass the tissues!

Posted by mobarger on May-10-2009

I have to admit I had a low point yesterday. Driving home from our new farm where I had tried weeding and using a rake and finally giving up in frustration at how little I could do, I wallowed in a little bit of self-pity. You see last Monday my dog attacked me. Except for my legs and my torso, I am covered in stitches and bite marks. My arms are shredded.
I am dealing with it! Everything works! But yesterday, not so much.
I got home and found a FedEx box by the front door. w00t! For me! Who doesn’t get excited when surprise FedEx boxes appear?
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Warm Ewe Up Swap Partner Revealed!

Posted by mobarger on Apr-17-2009
Warm Ewe Up swap #3

I am about a week late reporting that I received my final package from my Warm Ewe Up Swap Partner. And it’s a doozy! See all that yarn? And Opal too! A sock yarn I don’t have :) And LL Sock in Vera which I have knit into Jaywalkers before but they are all threadbare and worn. I should take a pic for you.

Plus a sock book, a keychain from San Francisco (my favorite city!), a reusable grocery bag, *chocolate* and a wonderful note to let me know exactly who my partner was.

And it’s Jo Anne from San Fransisco! Thank you! You went above and beyond and I love everything. :)

I’m savin up for knitting lessons!

Posted by mobarger on Feb-28-2009
Warm Ewe Up swap #2

(OR Warm Ewe Up Winter Swap Package #2)
Isn’t this the funniest thing? It’s a bank!

Warm Ewe Up swap #2

I will definitely be putting my change here! How clever!

Warm Ewe Up swap #2

My swap partner was so thoughtful. She included something chicken-related, knitting-related, chocolate, yarn, some post-its with lovely flower sketches and the bank.

Warm Ewe Up swap #2

The plate is beautiful!

Warm Ewe Up swap #2

And so is the yarn! It’s Art Yarns Super Merino in color 115 (aka RED).

Warm Ewe Up swap #2

Thank you partner! I can’t wait to find out who you are!