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Imports and Inspiration

Posted by mobarger on Jan-19-2014

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A few weeks ago I broke down and bought some Wollmeise grab bags. What is it about the element of surprise that excites me so? I am a sucker for grab bags from anywhere.

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This color would be called Taube but I guess it is not up to par. I love it. I haven’t seen many Wollmeise skeins that are so saturated but so muted at the same time.

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Kind of like this female cardinal at the newly-remounted window feeder, right?

Meanwhile I was looking for inspiration for patterns for this new yarn. Have you checked out “Pure/Twin – SHOW YOUR FOs!” discussion in the wollmeiseholics anonymous group on Ravelry? A lot of people are creating some *gorgeous* things. I may have added several to my queue just this morning – I am only up to 1357 items there. What’s a few more?

Arrivals and Departures

Posted by mobarger on Aug-2-2009

A few goodies arrived this week in the mail.

TLE Anniversary Kit 2009

First off, The Loopy Ewe Anniversary kit. The pattern looks great and I can’t wait to get started! (Debbie O’Neill at Nutty Creations, “Poppycock”). The Lorna’s Laces yarn and the coffee mug are colored to match the Loopy Ewe’s headquarters’ colors.

Fal 09 IK

The Fall 09 issue of Interweave Knits. The Fall issue of just about any magazine is huge and spectacular and full of promise and this one is no different! Bandelier Socks and Farmers Market cardigan are my runaway faves.

Colorful Yarn

Some yarn from Colorful Yarn whom I read about on Wendyknits blog. It is incredibly vibrant. This is the “Berry” color.

WM Wasabi

Also vibrant is this skein of Wollmeise Wasabi I scored in a recent Loopy Ewe Wollmeise sneak-up. This yarn goes so fast when it is available. I was lucky enough to be at the computer when word went out it was online.

WM Barista from Liz!

And finally here is more Wollmeise, a color I have coveted and never been able to buy. Thank you to dear Liz who sent me a skein.

WM Kurbis

So departing Chez Rooster is this skein of Wollmeise Kurbis, a color that Liz has been coveting. I have to admit, the more I look at it, the more I covet it too! I will find you again Kurbis! Liz, enjoy!