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A Tale of Two Freias

Posted by mobarger on Feb-15-2014

Have you seen Freia Yarns yet? Ombré yarns in a variety of weights and colors, eye-catching and beautiful!
Here is a picture from my stash:

[flickr id=”12539592193″ thumbnail=”medium_600″ overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”freia” align=”center”]

A lot of patterns are out there that take advantage of this color-changing yarn and I recently tried two of them.

You saw the last Wurm hat I made, right? It was made from a variegated Manos I had on hand. But I had to try it in Freia.

[flickr id=”12390436253″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”freia” align=”center”]

I thought the yardage in the one ball I had would be too short for the hat, so the inside of the brim is actually a lavender yarn I had on hand in about the same gauge. I thought it would make me go further and it did, but I think if you were to use one ball of sport and just start it, you would have enough yarn as I had a nice amount left.

[flickr id=”12397000543″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”freia” align=”center”]

I do love the way the colors transition. It is a little pastel-y for me but this has been a LONG winter and the colors make me think that spring is not far away. That is my mantra – spring is not far away, spring is not far away …

Another Freia project I took on was Laura Nelkin’s Cambio cowl. The pictures I saw of it were so beautiful and vivid. And cowls are so fun to knit up and wear.

[flickr id=”12390355363″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”freia” align=”center”]

I tried. I really tried. I started this knit several times, and in the middle of it all even wripped it all back, rewound the ball of Freia that came with the kit so I would start at the other end, and another color. But I just couldn’t make it look good. And granted in this picture it is obvious I did not hem the cowl yet, it is just very light and flimsy and doesn’t seem like it would stand up. I haven’t woven in the ends yet so I may frog it all once more and try again, but after having knit it so many times already, I am not sure this will happen any time soon.

There are lots of other clever patterns out there that use this yarn. I think you should look for it and play and make a tale of your own!

Meanwhile to prove my mantra (spring is not far away), I got my first egg of the year the other day.

[flickr id=”12390096685″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”large” group=”freia” align=”center”]

There hasn’t been another since, but I still hold out hope. Spring is not far away…

A Truckload

Posted by mobarger on Nov-16-2009

So did you catch the Patons Classic Wool sale at Michael’s last week? $2.50 for over 200 yards of 100% wool. I might have bought some. I would have bought more if that woman there 5 minutes before me hadn’t filled her own truck basket. And yes, it is in the back of my truck. Not like I bought a truckload of yarn, but I could move my truck to catch good light, and to stay out of the way of the turkeys.

Helpful Nell
MMMyeah – I was wrong. It took Nell about 2 minutes to hop in and er, “help.” That little stuffed turkey was in the bargain bins. I might have bought them all. I love it, but Nell is not too sure.

Helpful Nell
I am not sure what she is looking for either. First one way …

Helpful Nell
Then the next …

Murphy gently pulled at my pant leg the whole time. When I would look down at him he would quickly look away, like here. If he had lips I am sure he would whistle too.

How to keep turkeys busy
At least I kept one turkey distracted.

Well Christmas is coming and I have plenty of supplies! And if turkeys had thumbs I would have a mighty workforce too!

More on those auction finds

Posted by mobarger on Aug-31-2009

yarn container
Here is the container that holds all the yarn. At one point it had a fabric cover and I imagine it was stuffed like a big pin cushion! Some day I might feel capable enough to remove the small staples that hold the band that keeps the lid together, and replace the fabric, but for now, it will remain un-upholstered.

Cone of laceweight
One yarn I didn’t share last time is this cone of laceweight yarn. I have no idea how much is there! I think it is merino, it has a slight halo and just reminds me of merino laceweight I have seen. What are your thoughts?

Here is the case that contains the sewing machine. It currently rests in a tight spot where good pictures are hard to take.

Lots of cubbies to store tools etc.

Here is the machine, a warhorse for sure. It is a 117.97, the label is Kenmore though there is a Singer equivalent. Both were manufactured by White in 1952.

It came with all of its documentation and attachments, but not the most important ones – the foot pedal and power cord! I have some research to do!