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Posted by mobarger on Feb-12-2008

January Pirate Booty Club shipment: Kalamata. It looks variegated but is a striped yarn with 4 colors. I thought this yarn would look good as Nutkin. Nutkin reminds me of Monkey, do you think so? I think it is important to keep track of your YO when doing this sock: I have seen some pix where the holes are very noticable and I don’t think that fits the pattern well. One thing I am sure of: I am terrible at picot CO and often the cuffs are too small and tight when I am done. This is the case with this sock too, and I have lost interest. :( I am sure I will pick it up once more when I finish a couple other socks on the needles. This is also done with a short row heel. I am on a short row kick lately. Word to the wise: wrap your stitches or face holes in the heel. This process is clearly explained in Wendy’s Generic toe up and applies no matter what direction you knit your sock, imo.